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  • Plasma
  • Stem cells
  • Human tissues
  • Mother’s milk
  • Blood

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Professional football player
and medical graduate


Actor and
stem cell recipient

Nothing could stop Lucas from becoming an actor, not even a leukemia diagnosis. But the main character in his life story turned out to be a stem cell donor.

Stem cell recipient

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Student, sports fan,
and plasma recipient

If he hadn’t been on the receiving end of a few well-executed passes from plasma donors, Justin wouldn’t have won the match against his immune deficiency. Watch the game highlights here.

Plasma recipient

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Bundle of energy,
mother’s milk recipient

Making his entrance at just 28 weeks, little Mévick had a huge appetite for milk right away. But the human body can’t always produce on cue, so Myriam, Mévick’s mom, turned to the milk bank for help.

Mother’s milk recipient

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